Eyepartner has released the first JamOnCam version in 2004. It has been over 8 years since the first deployment, 8 years of continuous research, 8 years of improvement, of error fixing, of expansion, of balancing solutions , of tests on all kind of business plans. We are now at version 5.5, very close to perfection but still improving everyday.

When clients are asking WHY TO CHOOSE JAMONCAM I usually say “well, it took us 8 years to develop the platform that we deploy today. That is a lot – and in the same time it represents the warranty that you are going to purchase a heavy tested application” It’s over 1 million code lines (obviously not all in the current platform) that we have written to get here.

There are 3 main categories inquiring for an interactive video streaming solution:

1. People with a specific budget but no business plan – no matter the limits of the budget (it can be few hundreds or few thousands) the chances to manage a successful solution are really limited, if as an investor, someone does not outline what the goals of the business are: on short term, medium and long term


2. People with budget , business plan and a technical team on their own. Usually the owners in this category do not stay within a standard package. They order custom development – mostly they want to have their custom development performed in-house. They are usually companies with different departments and each department has specific tasks and targets to achieve while preparing the site for launch. These businesses succeed in over 90% of the cases as the team efforts and the goals set properly are 50% of the key to get audience (and income)

Even if JamOnCam is license fee application it allows large customizations as template files are completely open so anyone with HTML and CSS knowledge can go ahead and build the business look they are needing for. The integrated CMS module allows owner to add as many static pages as needed and link them correctly from site menu. Small functions can also be integrated in the added content as well as valuable SEO keywords.

3. People with budget and business plan focused on marketing and human resources. This category rely completely on Eyepartner team and support for any technical item of their business- from site customizations to small design changes or hosting set up, while they are 100% dedicated on marketing the business, dragging traffic and make sure they have 24/7 live feeds for the audience. They are huge income generators as once someone is focused on only one item rather than over-viewing everything their investment gets easily and fast returned. These owners sell over 50,000 minutes monthly or thousands of subscriptions as their traffic goes up from one month to the next.

WHY buying JamOnCam?

People come to our office or call us often asking why would someone spend a specific amount to purchase a white label platform from us when there are so many options so much cheaper?!

It is a matter of choice! When you need a doctor or a plumber you certainly don’t call the cheapest, but the best, as you don’t want to stay in hospital for months nor swimming in your own kitchen.

When you start an online business you need to check the following points , it’s mandatory:

1. set up your budget- do not think that a risk free amount (like a couple of thousands) is setting a budget. You cannot expect to have millions with spending few hundreds. When you set up your business budget make sure you know exactly what your ROI from that business is.

2. go for the right solution – it’s 50% of your business success. You can have money spent, traffic brought to your site- but what do you do when your 1001 viewer cannot access the site, or cannot pay his subscription because site overloaded?!

3. make sure you have something good to sell (live feeds in this case)

4. make sure you have buyers- advertise your site.

What has JamOnCam to offer to make you successful?

1. Live HD streaming! We are in the 21st century! Home viewers have internet at 3MBs, they want to see quality! They do not want to see feeds stuck and break down in 100 little squares. They do not want to see buffer circle in the player. They want to see action at min 720p

2. High Scalable solution: need more? need something else? Let us develop for you! With Eyepartner project management system and deployment policy you can add any feature at any moment, even if the site is live and NO DOWNTIME required while updating.

3. Tailor to your budget: get live with standard, make money and add modules on the way! Your customers will get so much happier to see your improvements, will spend even more with your content.

4. Unlimited connections supported! It all comes to server power: need more?! Easy, add more!

5. Data center at client’s order! Get it all-in-one ready to go live and streaming, all service by Eyepartner. We get the site ready for you, put it live and do the hosting. You have the right tools now at your disposal and the time to focus on marketing!

6. 24/7 Client Support Service: need something? call us or post a ticket in our Client Support Ticket System. Our policy is to reply no later than 30mins, anytime, any day.

7. Ask for all features that go into your site: we are more than happy to give you the list.



You are ready to invest but not sure on how fast this will get back to you? Here are some tips:

1. Integrated billing API allows you to add any merchant, any gateway you want : choose the right payment processor for your business. Study properly their commissions, their security policy and refund policy. You are no longer limited by a specific gateway supported

2. Billing per minute is a standard feature in any JamOnCam package, take advantage and set the pricing for start up, for fidelity or for holidays promotions

3. Get more money from VIP members. Their monthly subscription is a fix revenue for your business

3. Sell content: pictures, contact infomation

4. Sell VOD: set the price and publish content! you’re good to go now

5. Sell files exchange: allow broadcasters to get paid for checking up files that viewers are sending (for example when students are uploading their homework to the teachers)

6. Limit free access for each user category from Site settings This way the members will purchase more.

7. Advertise using your webmasters tools The webmaster module built for JamOnCam platform is the most powerful on the market. Webmaster has basically the ability to build a totally new website, fully white label and use only the content that he wants- by simply filtering what categories wants displayed for his account. Webmaster footer is fully customizable, with the option to have own Terms and conditions page, and Contact us Page! Manage all your webmasters for Site List in your owner menu!

8. Enable your broadcaster to build their own pages with the WordPress plugin tool. Each broadcaster can have her/his own independent page and link content from main site. This is an awesome SEO tool as each site is unique in its own way.

9. Get live on Facebook! Your broadcasters can send now live feeds on their Facebook profiles! Imagine the audience generated from there!


We have the right tool for your business! Use it and start making money today. I am at 305.455.8675 or write at eliza@eyepartner.com to get the rest of the answers!