Live webcast is live media presentation distributed over the Internet using streaming media technology to publish single content source to many simultaneous viewers. Either TV channel, live stream for a webcam or just audio- live webcast is a one-to-many action and refers to non-interactive events as opposite to web conferencing which is designed for many-to-many interaction.

Tikilive offers the ability to live webcast using accessible technology for all independent media content. There are many notable shows that broadcast regularly online:

While in the past couple of years webcasts relating to computer, technology and news were particularly popular, lately religious events are added regularly to our broadcasting network gaining more audience each day. Churches from all over the world and from all kind of confessions open broadcasting accounts – on a free or paid basis, up to each one’s necessities- for live sermons broadcasts, embedding payer in personal webpages or simply advertising their own channel page on the network.

Generally the internet streaming has been equated to entertainment field. Tikilive – by enabling categories for both recorded events and live webcasts – empowered broadcasting in various domains including educational or religious activities.

With an average of 70 new signups daily, make sure you benefit of the increasing popularity of Tikilive network to publish your message for the world, to make your voice heard, to make a difference! Be unique – need to know how? Email and get assistance to bring your live webcast known.