TikiLIVE has done it again and this time made a big improvement to the broadcaster’s dashboard. Previous versions we’ve redesigned the site to improve streaming experiences for viewers both online and on mobile devices, but now, we’ve redone the entire backend of the site to provide a better broadcasting experience.


Brand New Design

Along with its many updates, TikiLIVE has changed its look of the user dashboard, now reflecting the new design on the front end of the site. The simplistic design makes navigation easier to edit channels, videos, and content, plus adds a fresh and modern look to your entire system.


Bootstrap Backend

Just like the rest of TikiLIVE, the backend is now built on a responsive layout that allows a user’s account dashboard to look great on all devices through the same bootstrap design used by the popular social media network, Twitter. Whether you’re a mobile phone, tablet, or internet browser, users can have optimized access to their dashboard from anywhere at any time. This increased usability is sure to benefit all users; broadcasters and viewers.


Updated Chat Room

Channels have the capability to have a chat room attached to it which can even be embedded with the player on another website as well. Now we have updated the chat room so that the broadcaster can offer guest enabled chat, and viewers can now even utilize popular emoticons in their messages, creating a brand new way of conversing on TikiLIVE.

Dashboard Easy Access

Users can access their account dashboard simply from TikiLIVE at any time at the top of the page, with all the essential information visible as soon as you’re on the page. Basic channel and account information is accessible as soon as the dashboard is opened, showing basic channel and media analytics, billing and usage information, support options, and history all on the dashboard’s main page.

Easy menu navigation to the left allows users to keep all their live and radio media organized, view channel statistics, support tickets, WordPress access, Set Top Box devices, and much more. Each category has its own sub menu to keep relative functions together and content editing simple and easy.

You can sign up for a free account today and try out TikiLIVE’s amazing features to start your own live streaming channel. If you have questions, you may contact us online or give us a call at 305.289.4557 for more information.