Today, I was doing my normal homework, reading articles online and I came across one interesting article and I wanted to share this with you…

“Reach your customers where they are when they’re ready – “64% of iPhone users and 32% of other smartphone users are watching video on their smartphones. – Futuresource

Taking an even deeper look, I saw an article back in January saying:

“According to the findings, 69 percent of US mobile users access the internet on their phones daily. An even larger percentage of Japanese users (88 percent) access the internet on mobile devices every day…”

The phrase, ‘according to the findings,’ refers to Google released a research they conducted. This means that the growth of people using their mobile devices day to day are steadily increasing minute by minute!

….and this is when I immediately got excited!

I mean, look around you…the majority of the world today is always on the go, and let’s face it people, almost everyone has an iOS or Android device.

With that being said, how many of you stream LIVE events and/or offer Video On Demand?

The most important question is, how many of you offer the ability to view the stream on their iOS or Android device?

If you answered ‘no’ to this question…let me help you out! 🙂

Imagine bringing even more revenue to your bottom line by offering another way for your audience to view the stream along with offering them the ability to pay for events on their iOS and Android devices! How amazing is that?

Check out our this demo here that can be viewed on any iOS and Android device:

Simply go on your iOS or Android device and go to and watch the trailer immediately!

We implemented our Mobile Module with our TikiLIVE Platform allowing you to stream in HTML5 and/or Flash! How amazing is that!!

Thanks to our amazing team, I am able to offer this feature, tested and approved by our Quality Assurance Team, to all of you who want to put more money in their pocket!

Please call Sales, at 305.289.4557 or email so we can talk about bringing your solutions LIVE and an even bigger SUCCESS!