Cloud-computing-1When it comes to streaming your content, we know that you have a whole host of options. You can go to the trouble of buying your own servers and setting them up to stream your content to the world — or you can partner with a cloud based streaming company that has all the infrastructure in place, leaving you only to create your videos and upload them to your cloud based account.

As more people consume content online from their smartphones, tablets and IPTV devices, it’s becoming increasingly important for content creators to think long and hard about the speed and quality of their videos.

Consumers are Becoming More Impatient When it Comes to Consuming Content

With the advances in Internet speed and the overall shift in our society towards instant gratification, viewers are wanting to access content without any delays.

Most marketers agree that you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your audience, so if your videos are incredibly slow to load you can likely kiss your audience goodbye.

Thankfully, along with advances in internet speed, there have been advances in the technology surrounding video streaming.

Cloud-Based Video Encoding to the Rescue

One of the ways that companies have been able to improve the speed and reliability of their streaming content is by using cloud-based video encoding. This technology is a technique in which content creators are able to upload their content to the cloud where the videos are encoded to improve speed and performance. This technology allows even the most novice of video creators to be able to create and share high quality videos with the world for a fraction of the cost of accomplishing this setup on their own.

Cloud-based video encoding is a way of leveling the playing field in the streaming world, and we’re right at the forefront of this emerging technology. All of our account holders utilize this technology to get their content out to their viewing audiences. Many may not realize it but this process can be quite tedious and complicated if done manually.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Video Encoding

There are numerous benefits associated with cloud-based encoding, including the following:

1. No Need to Worry About File Formats

When anyone creates a video, whether it’s from a mobile phone or a professional video camera, the actually video file is saved in a certain file format. This format could be any number of formats including .MP4, .FLV, .MOV, .WMV as well as many others.

Aside from the actual file type, there are also different video codecs depending on the device that is capturing the video. All of this complexity surrounding video formatting makes it hard for a novice to know how to easily get their content in a format that is accessible online. With cloud based encoding you never have to worry about what type of file format your content is in because your videos are encoded in the cloud to a format that can be instantly viewed across all types of devices.

2. Improved Reliability

Another benefit of cloud-based video encoding is the improved reliability. Because your content is hosted on rock solid servers and encoded in formats that are easily accessible across devices, you’ll never have to worry about whether your provider can handle spikes in traffic if one of your videos suddenly goes viral.

By choosing an experienced streaming provider like TikiLIVE you can leave the complexities of video formatting and streaming to the pros so that you can just focus on creating top-notch content.

3.Device Independent

If you travel anywhere you’ll notice that almost everyone spends an incredible amount of time staring at their mobile phone or tablet. Most people now have access to the entire Internet through their mobile device 24/7. What this also means is that more people are streaming content to their mobile devices.

With cloud based encoding you can easily stream content across all types of devices without any delays because the grunt work of encoding and hosting is done completely in the cloud. If you tried to host all of your video content on your own homegrown server, you can be certain that the quality would pale in comparison to if you were to partner with a streaming provider like TikiLIVE.

4. Stream Content From Anywhere on Any Device

Just like your viewers can access content from anywhere through cloud based encoding, you can also stream content to your users from anywhere as well. Think about the power of being able to pick up your phone and start recording a breaking news story directly to your viewers. All of this is possible with cloud-based video encoding from TikiLIVE.

Robust Infrastructure

Likely the most important aspect of streaming your content from the cloud is the improved infrastructure when compared to hosting all of your content in-house. With a company like TikiLIVE, our entire company focus is on creating the most robust and easy to use content delivery network for our customers. This involves state of the art servers placed strategically around the world to better serve our customers.

We utilize ultra fast Internet connections to ensure that your content is always served to your viewers as quickly and efficiently as possible. In short, this kind of reliability and speed would be impossible to provide in-house unless you were willing to invest millions of dollars into equipment and manpower.

Data Security

Data security is fresh on the minds of most people these days. While most people know the importance of backing up all of their important data, few actually do it. With cloud-based encoding all of your video content is completely safe in the cloud. There’s no need for you to worry about your data being lost as we offer cloud backups to ensure that your data is never compromised.

It’s Time to Ride The Cloud With TikiLIVE

The time is now to move your video content to the cloud by partnering with TikiLIVE. We’ll help take the worry out of hosting and streaming your content to your viewers. For more information on our suite of products give us a call today at 305-743-6722.