Dedicated-broadcastAs technology continues to progress, the television industry has started to undergo a transition. This change is transforming program viewing away from traditional cable and satellite subscriptions toward an open model, driven largely in part by the internet. 2013 was the first period during which cable subscriptions dropped throughout the entire year. While 2014 statistics have not yet been released, it is predicted that the cable and satellite decline will continue.

What is the Future of TV?
The television industry is changing through how and what viewers are watching, in regard to programming. Streaming providers, such as Amazon, Netflix and Hulu, are seeing spikes in users who are looking for streamed content on their own terms. These providers offer much more targeted and affordable content compared to the astronomical monthly fees charged by the large cable and satellite conglomerates.

Consumers Voices Are Being Heard
It seems as if providers are beginning to understand that consumers are willing to pay smaller fees for certain programming, as opposed to paying large monthly fees to have thousands of channels that they do not typically watch. Media companies are crafting ways to provide consumers with more a la carte services, where viewers are able to pick and choose the content that they want to consume.

Thanks to new offerings from streaming providers, consumers can access a large number of channels, such as ESPN or other sports networks for a low fee. This practice is far cheaper than a typical television subscription.

FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules Allowing More ‘Open Internet’
Recently, the FCC narrowly approved the net neutrality policy by a vote of 3-2. This policy, while highly controversial, aims to prevent anyone from controlling free and open access to the internet.

The net neutrality vote forces service providers to be a gateway, as opposed to handling different internet traffic in various ways and charging varying costs. In essence, the net neutrality rules aim to create a level playing field online, in which users can obtain internet access freely, without hindrance by any governmental or commercial entities.

In reality, it will be quite sometime before the net neutrality rules go into effect. Large telecommunications companies are likely to appeal the net neutrality ruling, which could end up in months, if not years of legal battles.

TikiLIVE is Excited About The Future
At TikiLIVE, we are excited about what the future holds regarding net neutrality, as well as the ever evolving, 21st century television industry. We believe that we are well positioned to provide our high quality streaming services to consumers looking for an alternative to traditional cable and satellite. Those who are interested, or those who would like more information about our suite of services, please contact us now and we will be happy to discuss a solution that will meet your needs.