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TikiLIVE has many clients located around the globe, and recently our IPTV services have even expanded all the way to Africa through My Live Africa TV.

With the TikiLIVE White-Label Broadcasting Platform, My Live Africa TV is now able to stream local content from Ghana, Africa to the local population and others around the world as well. My Live Africa TV markets itself as a company that connects the people of Ghana through the LIVE streaming of their local content via IPTV worldwide. Since starting out in August of this year, My Live Africa TV has already gained thousands of registered viewers on the site and is growing daily through their White Labeled TikiLIVE platform.


Secret of Success

Success isn’t always simple; sometimes one person has to work harder at it than others, other times people are lucky and fall into success, and sometimes someone has to build from the ground up. With TikiLIVE, we strive to supply our customers with the latest and greatest of IPTV technology to make success simpler for our customers. Not only do we provide you with the website and the software to be able to broadcast LIVE all over the world, but we even offer the hosting needs and the service to give your streams the assistance they deserve.


Great Exposure on Web and TV

Getting content out in the open is one of the major milestones required for having a successful business plan in today social network driven world. Eyepartner provides you with all the tools to get your streams to all mainstream devices used to view content. We have different add-on modules that you can use to customize a White Label solution to have your content available on many more devices such as mobile phones and tables for on-the-go or even Set Top Boxes for traditional viewing on a television. Having your product in many different places increases exposure and provides a better chance to monetize the content that you are publishing.


Great Content Packaging with Middleware

With great content comes great responsibility, and to offer that content it is important to package it professionally and reliably for users to access and watch their favorite shows. TikiLIVE’s Middleware Subscription Module allows network owners to create and manage channel packages on their TikiLIVE network for a fraction of the cost of traditional middleware services. Our turnkey middleware allows the network owner to be able to deliver and monetize LIVE and VOD content anywhere in the world to many compatible devices, including mobile phones and Set Top Boxes.


Great Hosting Plan

The benefits of having a great hosting plan can take an online service far. If you don’t have the correct service and end up with a servers that can’t withstand your expectations which can lead to unwanted events. Our Network Operations Center can withstand any business size; from small hosting plans with a few concurrent users, to large Enterprise Hosting Solutions with multiple cluster servers to load balanced streaming servers. With servers located in datacenters on both the West and East Cost, TikiLIVE also offers clients redundant success paths in the event an act of God temporarily disrupts service at an entire Datacenter. TikiLIVE also offers scalable hosting plans to fit your streaming media hosting needs and support your growing audience.


Great Support Team

Whether it’s your viewers or your broadcasters that need help, providing support for your customers can increase your reputation greatly. People like knowing that if they need help, someone will be there to assist them. That’s why each of our clients receives an online manual branded specifically to their website with information on how to utilize their broadcasting service. This covers information for everyone from Administrators, to broadcasters, even viewers. Each client is also provided with a ticket system for users to clearly state their potential issues as well as ask for general direction on a specific area of expertise that they do not currently poses. It works well for providing all the details needed from the users on their end to be able to solve issues quickly and efficiently as well as consult a professional team with years of experience in the LIVE streaming market place.


To find out how you can start your own successful IPTV network, you can reach us through our online Contact Us form, or by phone at 305.289.4557.