IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) has been increasing in popularity in recent years due to the rising costs of cable and mainstream availability of high speed internet. One of the greatest features about TikiLIVE’s IPTV service is the fact that it allows TV streaming over internet. This means that as long as you have an internet connection, you can watch TV anywhere and everywhere. In a highly digital era where many people get a large portion of their media and content online, the ability to watch TV everywhere and whenever just makes sense.


With TikiLIVE, traditional necessities for TV viewing such as antenna, cable, or satellite subscription is not needed. Our IPTV service can be accessed solely with a connection to the internet so you can stream your favorite TV shows to your mobile phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, or through your TV with our set top box.

Watch TV Everywhere, Enjoy Your HD TV Shows On Demand
You can enjoy access to the local channels of your region and receive channels that are available in your designated market area with TikiLIVE. Instead of receiving TV programs as broadcast signals through a satellite dish, antenna or cable, you can simply enjoy watching them through streaming. You can play it simultaneously anywhere that you have an internet connection.

You won’t really miss cable when you are watching TV anywhere with TikiLIVE. We understand high definition is important to many viewers and we provide your favorite TV channels streaming in HD quality. Other than watching TV everywhere and anywhere in HD, TikiLIVE has many features that match or exceed cable and satellite:

  • You’ll never have to worry about a bad storm blocking your satellite’s reception as IPTV service with TikiLIVE will be as reliable as your internet connection.
  • Cable and satellite bills can be expensive but we have IPTV packages that that start at $1.99 monthly with the most popular channels and shows available for streaming.
  • Our white label IPTV service allow you to use TikiLIVE as television service under your own brand.

Watching TV Anywhere Is Simple With TikiLIVE

If you are growing tired of being a slave to your satellite or cable TV company, give TikiLIVE a try. With the ability to watch TV anywhere and stream radio channels reliably and affordably, TikiLIVE is the perfect internet TV solution.