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Watch “Windstorm” Live On Demand on TikiLIVE Free TV!

For a group of strangers caught together fleeing Los Angeles, the answers are not so clear. And as the group takes shelter in the midst of a storm, one thing becomes apparent? the dangers of the world outside are nothing compared to what dwells among them in the shelter. Is this the end?

Chaos. Disease. War and rumors of war throughout the world. Watch “Windstorm” Live On Demand for Free on TikiLIVE TV!

Director: Kevin Kane
Writer: Kevin Kane
Stars: William Beauhuld, Scott Ciampi, Sandra Gianozakos

Watch the fun loving story, “Big Guns” on TikiLIVE | Free TV

Watch the fun-loving, easy-going, 60- to 75-year-old Senior Softball team “Kids At Heart” suddenly decide to go for their secret dream, to win the World Series (BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!)

“Big Guns” Now Playing on TikiLIVE | Free TV

Director: John Rester Zodrow
Writer: John Rester Zodrow
Stars: Barry Primus, Mel Novak, Susan Thomas

Watch “FanRoom Live” featuring exicitng celebrity guests!

FanRoom Live is a new interactive virtual event series online from Influencer TV, where Fans get to meet their favorite actors, comedians, athletes and musicians in a group town hall style meet and greet with Q&As. FanRoom Live is bringing something special and unique to the online world for Fans worldwide!  

Check out the new interactive virtual event series online, “FanRoom Live” with awesome and exciting celebrity guests on TikiLIVE TV!

Stream “Whatever It Takes”, based on a true story!

Two Russian women endure terrible hardships in their native land, and come to the United States in search of opportunity and hope.

Based on a true story.
Watch “Whatever It Takes” on demand for Free on TikiLIVE TV!

Directors: Elena Carnicki, Lika Levskaya
Writers: Elena Carnicki, Lika Levskaya
Stars: Elena Carnicki, Lika Levskaya

Stream “Thorns On Demand for Free on TikiLIVE TV!

Watch “Thorns”, on TikiLIVE TV! A magical story about ordinary people overcoming grief by trusting in God’s healing power.

Director: Michael Flynn
Writer: Shelley Bingham-Husk
Stars: Melanie Nelson, Heidi Harrison, Heidi Méndez

Watch the horror, thriller movie, “Red Canopy”.

A hot headed, arrogant martial artist, hell-bent on entering a UK Martial Arts Championship is sent to a sleepy village with a forest the locals do not dare enter, and discovers secrets about his Sensei’s past that are beyond his imagination.

Watch the horror, thriller movie, “Red Canopy”. Stream live on demand for Free on TikiLIVE TV.

Director: Ian Weeks
Writer: Ian Weeks
Stars: Carlos Ramos, Tipu Sultan, Doug Grant

“Uncle Louie” – A dark comedy turned urban fairy tale.

Benny Miccicci is in trouble with a demonic loan-shark. He is reluctant to get his girlfriend, Bernice, involved in his dilemma, however she comes to his rescue by invoking help from his dark side. Uncle Louie, a notorious hit-man from Buffalo, long dispatched from this earth, is summoned to help his hapless nephew and take charge of his situation… sort of…

A dark comedy turned urban fairy tale. Watch “Uncle Louie” Live On Demand for Free on TikiLIVE TV.

Director: R. Allen Russell
Writers: Joseph Izzo (screenplay), Joseph Mangelli (screenplay)
Stars: Nick D’Arpino, Craig Ferriera, Michele Mangelli

Watch “The Funeral Guest” On Demand for Free!

A lonely girl seeks love, connection and family by crashing funerals.

Love Happens Where You Least Expect It. Watch “The Funeral Guest” staring Julianna Robinson, Nick Eyde and Sugar Lyn Beard – Free TikiLIVE TV!

Director: Matthew Kohnen
Writers: Matthew Kohnen (co-writer), Sean Kohnen (co-writer)
Stars: Julianna Robinson, Nick Eyde, Sugar Lyn Beard

Watch “Dark Awakening” Stream Live On Demand!

On the surface, Ray Ryan has it all. Underneath it all is a dark secret he’s finding harder to hide.

Watch “Dark Awakening” On Demand on TikiLIVE TV.

Directors: Billy Senese (as William Senese), Billy Senese
Writers: Tony Primavera, Billy Senese (as William Senese)
Stars: Dameon Clarke, Brandy Little, Mike Melugin

Stream “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” starring Jim Carrey

A goofy detective specializing in animals goes in search of the missing mascot of the Miami Dolphins.

Director: Tom Shadyac
Writers: Jack Bernstein (story), Tom Shadyac (screenplay), Jim Carrey (screenplay)
Stars: Jim Carrey, Courteney Cox, Sean Young