September 1st, 2015

tikilive-boxWe’re excited to announce that TikiLIVE has developed an innovation solution for NKTelco that combines TV Everywhere Premium Content with other OTT content using the same set top box.

What is TV Everywhere?

TV Everywhere is a type of video streaming where broadcasters allow their subscribers to access content from their network through the Internet, typically on set top boxes or mobile devices. This content can then be viewed either live or on-demand depending on a customer’s subscription.

What’s So Great About Our Implementation?

What sets TikiLIVE’s solution apart from other providers is the fact that our solution allows TV content to be delivered to users with limited Internet access. This way, even if your viewers are “off the grid” they’ll still be able to watch all of their favorite television shows. This new technology is perfect for areas with little to no Internet connectivity for days at a time such as cruise ships, campgrounds and remote multi-dwelling housing and facilities.

How Does This New Technology Work?

This technology is powered by TikiLIVE local cloud delivery, which utilizes a Catch Up Server to download content when an Internet connection is available. Using this technology your users will not have to feel like they’re completely cut off from the outside world. Even when Internet is not available, your viewers will be able to view content through NKTelco set top boxes and TikiLIVE mobile apps.

Other Features of TikiLIVE’s iPTV Solution

  • TV-Like Intuitive Program Guide – Our Electronic Program Guide (EPG) offers viewers a TV-like experience allowing them to browse through their favorite channels quickly and efficiently. We’re extremely proud of our EPG solution, which features super fast channel surfing.
  • Custom Branded to Your Company – Use our iPTV solution to brand your company with the ability to easily add your company name and logo to our streaming solution.
  • Updated Interface – We’ve recently completely redesigned our channel interface to make it easier to use for your viewers.
  • Easily Add Channels – We have access to hundreds of premium channels that you can easily add and deliver to your viewers with ease.
  • Widely Distributed Set Top Box App – Our TikiLIVE app is currently being used on over 1 million set top boxes each year and we’re continuing to add new users every day.

Sampling of Premium Channels Offered Through TV Everywhere

It’s difficult to list all of the premium channels offered, because it is dependent on a subscriber’s cable or satellite subscription, but here is a sampling of our most popular channels:

  • Local Over The Air Channels Including ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX)
  • ABC Family
  • A&E
  • Bravo
  • CMT
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • Disney Channel
  • ESPN
  • Food Network
  • FOX Business
  • FOX News
  • HBO Go
  • HGTV
  • History
  • Lifetime
  • NBC
  • TBS
  • TNT
  • USA

Ready to Offer TV Everywhere to Your Viewers?

If you’re looking for a way to deliver high quality HD content including premium TV channels, TikiLIVE’s TV Everywhere solution using NKTelco set top boxes is just what you’re looking for. Our solution allows you to deliver content even if you have a spotty Internet connection. Using our Local Cloud Delivery, we can develop a solution that makes it easy to keep your viewers up to date with content that they actually want to watch.

For more information about this new solution from TikiLIVE, feel free to contact our sales team today at 305-743-6722.

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