April 21st, 2015

7460432496_10aaff5ee0_oAs a business owner you’re likely always looking for ways to increase sales as well as build your brand within your industry. This process can be extremely difficult, especially in highly competitive markets.

In addition to digital marketing campaigns, many businesses are using live streaming to increase their visibility, generate leads and improve branding as well as customer service.

Improve Customer Service

One of the easiest ways for you to differentiate yourself from the competition is by providing incredible customer service. What better way to show how much you care for customers than with live streaming videos?

You can showcase some of your most frequently asked questions to not only give your customers a better user experience, but also to lessen the load on your support team.

Showcasing a sequence of videos for your customers to view when they first purchase your products or services can significantly reduce the amount of time you have to spend answering questions later.

This can be especially effective for complex products or services, which are often easier to understand when there is a visual component to the explanation.

Build Brand Loyalty

Building a brand online is all about developing a corporate image that will be instantly accepted by your following.

Yet creating a strong brand online can be tricky as some users may find it hard to connect to a company without physically talking to or experiencing “behind the scenes” of what actually built a company or brand.

Thankfully with live streaming you can instantly give your users a VIP look into your brand to create a deeper connection that some customers crave.

Get creative in your streaming videos to ensure that your current and potential customers will remember you in the future when they may need a product or service that you are offering.

Create the Ultimate Ad Roll

Has your company done some truly awesome things over the past few years? Do you have any way to show these accomplishments off to new customers? If not, it may be time to create the ultimate ad roll.

Using video streaming, you can create a video that showcases some of the high points of your company’s existence, new projects that you’re working on or how you came to be where you currently are.

Think about this as your virtual brochure, which can help cement your qualifications in the minds of current and potential customers.

After creating digital promotional materials you will wonder how in the world you made it this long without this level of streaming content.

Introduce Your Amazing Team

Everyone has heard the famous quote “It takes a village,” which is often the case with the success of companies. If you think your employees deserve a little recognition, why not create a set of videos that showcases your amazing team?

You can use these videos in a variety of places including on your company’s website to show the level of expertise that each of your employees possess.

Encourage your employees to be creative in these introductions to give your customers a sense of the uniqueness of each of your employees.

Document Success Stories

Another great use of live streaming is to chronicle the success of your products and services. If you have a long list of satisfied customers, they will likely jump at the chance to speak highly of your service.

Bring a video camera along and record these interactions to show potential customers how other companies are using your product or service.

Many times companies need proof that your offerings will work for them and what better way to show this than through recorded testimonials?

Product Demos

Is your sales team well equipped when they go pitch your product or service to new customers? If they aren’t armed with the proper tools, how can you expect them to increase sales?

One way to give your sales team a leg up on the competition is to develop professional product demos that can easily showcase exactly what it is your company does.

These demos are a great way to consistently explain your product offerings and put less pressure on your sales staff to hit every key point during a sales pitch.

Take note of sales strategies that work and try to combine these into a set of videos that can be easily shared with potential customers.

Train Your Employees

Consistency is not only important when it comes to sales presentations, but it is also important when training employees.

Too often training is left to busy employees who barely have time to complete their own duties, much less train other employees.

By streamlining your training practices through interactive videos you can ensure that each of your employees has received the same level of training.

This also gives you a strong baseline to judge which new employees are doing well and which employees may not be a good fit for their new role.

Save Money

One of the biggest benefits of video streaming is the ability to cut costs. Any repetitive task that is performed by your employees could easily be documented using videos.

In no time at all you can amass a long list of videos to be used for training or customer support. Once a video has been recorded it can be viewed again and again for no additional cost.

Think about the number of man-hours that can be reduced if you were to just create a handful of support or sales videos to be used by employees as well as customers.

Talk to One of Our Customer Service Experts About Next Steps

If you’ve been convinced that it may be time to look into how live streaming can help you increase sales as well as build a more recognizable brand, feel free to contact TikiLIVE today. We can be reached by phone at 305-743-6722.

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