May 4th, 2015

Broadcast Radio to Any Device with TikiLIVEJust a few years ago almost everyone had their favorite radio stations and listened whenever they were in the car or at work or even working around the house. Users typically listened to traditional AM or FM radio through a portable radio player or a stereo system in their car, home or office. With the advances in high speed Internet access people are no longer tied to their favorite radio station because of all of the options that are available online.

Stream Your Audio Content With TikiLIVE

By partnering with TikiLIVE to stream your audio content, you are opening yourself up to a whole host of opportunities not available through traditional radio platforms. Our Better Than Radio platform allows you to easily create high quality content that can be accessed across all types of online platforms. Streaming your content online offers several advantages over relying on traditional radio.

  1. Create Playlists

Easily upload content to your TikiLIVE hosted audio library to create playlists, which can be listened to by your fans. If you need some help when it comes to content you also instantly have access to over 500,000 tracks from TikiLIVE that are ready to be added to your radio station.

  1. Brand Your Radio Station

Easily brand your online radio station with your logo to provide a seamless experience for your users. You can also watermark your streaming audio and even include a link to your standalone website where you can market any other services that you offer.

  1. Broadcast Radio to Any Device

HTML5 support from TikiLIVE allows your users to listen to your audio content easily from their smartphones, tablets, computers and even through set top boxes from manufacturers like Roku.

  1. Social Media Integration

One of the easiest ways to get the word out about your audio content is through social media. This is where TikiLIVE’s Better Than Radio module really shines!

Easily add social broadcasting players to your Twitter and Facebook links to allow your users to listen to your content by simply clicking on a link in one of your social media profiles.

Aside from the ease of use, TikiLIVE also allows you to track each “play” or “listen” to determine which content is performing well.

  1. WordPress Site

With your TikiLIVE Better Than Radio account you will instantly have access to your very own website, which will allow you to easily embed your audio content into your website with no technical expertise. Put your audio content on display on your website and watch as your user base continues to grow.

  1. Embed Codes for Fans

Once your audio content begins to gain popularity online, your fans may start asking for a way to embed your station’s audio on their websites. This may sound complicated, but it is really quite simple thanks to embed codes that are provided through your TikiLIVE account. You’ll simply grab an embed code for your radio station from your dashboard and provide this code to your fans.

Ideas For TikiLIVE’s Better Than Radio Solution

If you need ideas on how to use TikiLIVE’s streaming radio platform, we’ve put together a few ways that some of our customers are using our platform to stream audio content to their users.

Provide Music for Your Retail Store(s)

Whether you have just one or multiple retail locations, you likely are playing music to help generate a calm and warm environment for your customers. Studies have shown that music played at low volumes in retail stores can have a positive effect on customer purchases.

Better Than Radio lets you synchronize playlists so that you know exactly what is being played in each of your stores. Don’t leave the choice of music to your employees.

Promote Your DJ Business

Are you a DJ looking to grow your business? Why not use TikiLIVE to create various playlists similar to what you might play at a live event.

This can give your potential clients a sense of your style to determine if you are good fit for their next event.

You can also simply create a playlist through your online radio channel for their specific event and charge them through a pay per “listen” option without even attending the event!

This can allow you to actually generate income from multiple streaming events at the same time thanks to TikiLIVE’s playlist capabilities.

Still Have Questions About Broadcasting Radio Content Online?

If you still have questions regarding streaming audio content online, feel free to call TikiLIVE today at 305-743-6722. We would be happy to go over the many features that set TikiLIVE’s Better Than Radio apart from the competition.

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