Login page

After you have confirmed your account, you can log in and start using the website featured like: broadcasting on video or radio channels, upload videos, create events.

Click on the Login/Register link from the Login drop-down menu and a pop-up window will be displayed:


The Login overlay window will be displayed and you can select the type of Login you prefer:

login page-1

1. Insert here your username.

2. Insert here your password.

3. Click here to stay logged into the platform.

Note: the browser will remember your login session for 30 days; otherwise your login session will expire after 8 hours of inactivity. If you exit the browser without logging out, your session will be remembered the next time you access the platform

4. Click here if you forgot your password.

4. Click here to login into your account.

5. Click here to login using your Facebook account.

7. Click here to login using your Twitter account.

8. Click here if you are not a registered user and want to create your own account.


Unsuccessful Login

If a user tries unsuccessfully to log into the website several times from the same IP, a warning message will be displayed on the page:

login page-2

After five successive unsuccessful attempts, the user will see a message displayed with a redirect link to the Forgot Password page. The message will continue to be displayed until the user enters the correct credentials.



Forgot Password

On the Forgot Password page, the user will be asked to insert the email address they used during the initial registration process:

1. Enter here the email address provided at the registration process.

2. Click here to submit your email address.


Once the correct email address is inserted, the user will receive an email message with instructions for initiating a new password. They will have to click on the link to reset his password.


When the link opens, the user can select a new password for the account:

1. Enter here the new desired password.

2. Re-type the new selected password.

3. Click here to change the password.