Broadcast Live News From Your iPhone or Android DeviceFor years it took an expensive video camera, camera crew and satellite uplink truck to be able to broadcast a news story. This meant that only large cable networks could afford to send correspondents out to cover stories. This often resulted in dry news, which many complained was too scripted and not edgy enough.

Thanks to advances in technology, a full video crew is no longer needed to broadcast live news. In fact, you can forget about the expensive video camera and satellite truck as long as you have access to a mobile phone with a data connection.

Smartphones Allow Anyone to Break News Stories

Do you feel like you know of a news story that no one is covering? Maybe you have intimate knowledge of a group of people that is being taken advantage of but no one will listen to their story?

If this is you, getting live news out to the world isn’t nearly as difficult as you may think. In fact if you have a smartphone, you can be broadcasting live news in minutes without any previous experience.

By partnering with a streaming provider like TikiLIVE, you can not only record breaking news from your smartphone but you can also stream it to the world through our robust content delivery network.

How to Broadcast Live News From Your iPhone or Android Device

If you think you have something that you may want to broadcast via your mobile device, follow the steps below and you should be streaming breaking news stories in no time at all.

  • Setup a TikiLIVE Account: TikiLIVE is a full service streaming provider that allows you to stream live and prerecorded content to users across a variety of platforms. Whether your viewers access your content from their TVs, computers, smartphones or tablets, TikiLIVE has the resources to handle their needs. Setup your account today by signing up at
  • Download Mobile Broadcasting Software: Whether you plan to broadcast from an iOS or Android device, TikiLIVE has you covered. Simply download the Streaming Platform Mobile Broadcaster from either Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store, which will allow you to easily stream live content to your TikiLIVE channel.
  • Stream to the World: After you’ve downloaded the mobile broadcasting software to your iPhone or Android device, you can then begin recording live content that will be instantly be seen on any TikiLIVE channel that you designate.

Additional Features of TikiLIVE

While TikiLIVE makes it extremely easy to broadcast content from your mobile devices, the laundry list of features does not stop there. These are a few of our most popular features:

  • Mobile Capabilities: We offer full mobile support regardless of the type of platform that your viewers are using. Through HTML5 technology, we have created a platform that is responsive based on a user’s device. This means that regardless of device or screen size, your viewers will have the high quality experience they expect.
  • Included WordPress Website: Have you always been scared of actually creating a website for your company or organization due to the technical requirements?
    • If so, we make it easy with a completely free WordPress site that is tightly integrated with your TikiLIVE account.
    • If you’re not familiar with WordPress, it’s an extremely easy to use content management system that allows you to publish content through an interface similar to your favorite word processing application.
    • With a WordPress site you can publish content to the web in a matter of minutes without any knowledge of HTML or other complicated programming languages.
  • Monster Encoder: Another hurdle that has prevented many people from streaming content online is knowing the right type of file formats to use when broadcasting. We’ve gotten rid of the guesswork of video encoding by allowing you to upload videos in all sorts of formats, which are then converted to an optimal format through our Monster Encoder.
  • Secure Video Streaming Service: Through TikiLIVE’s robust content delivery network, your users will not experience the common buffering and delays seen with so many free streaming providers. TikiLIVE has a distributed network of servers located all across the world to serve content to your users based on their geographical location, which should help to increase speed and reduce latency with your video content.
  • Social Media Integration: If you’re looking to break news stories before the big networks get them, social media should be your new best friend. Thanks to social media and TikiLIVE, you can instantly stream your content to all of your social media networks for your users to view and share with their own networks. This can help to ensure your breaking news stories are getting to as many people as possible in a short amount of time.

Signup is Fast and Easy

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