Over-the-top (OTT) services deliver audio, video, and other media content without the use of a traditional satellite or cable operator. OTT services and apps are delivered over the internet, bypassing traditional distribution. For smartphones, this means that services are transmitted “over the top” of the traditional service you already get with your mobile provider. Smart devices in general are able to tune in to this OTT content stream for a lower cost than traditional media delivery.

The 3 Revenue Models Of OTT Platforms

OTT platforms can largely be broken down into three revenue models: SVOD (subscription-based services such as Netflix and Hulu); AVOD (free and ad-supported services such as Crackle and Hulu); and TVOD (transactional services such as iTunes, Vimeo On Demand and Amazon Instant Video that allow users to pay for individual pieces of content). No matter the platform, content providers are leveraging each revenue model in order to be “top of mind” to their subscribers.

Since the platform is still so new, broadcasters do not yet know which of the three revenue models will bring in the most amount of subscribers. “What some content owners are doing is essentially a land-grab: getting their content out there across platforms and figuring out business models later,” said Mike Green, VP of Marketing at Brightcove Media. “They don’t want to miss out on not having their app on the home screen [of a popular OTT platform].”

Reach Your Audience With Our OTT Services

No matter your preference, TikiLIVE can help you reach your subscribers.  Focused on rich media solutions for the last 10+ years, TikiLIVE offers OTT solutions enabling service providers and operators alike to acquire, aggregate and distribute traditional channel lineups as Live Streaming Video as well as Video on Demand (VOD) Libraries. TikiLIVE can connect your subscribers to their content via Android Phones, Android Tablets, iPhones, iPads, Macs, PCs, Smart TVs, and Set Top Boxes (Roku and Android) allowing them to watch their favorite channels from just about anywhere.

Our team of enthusiastic engineers, software architects and support specialists can customize a solution for your given media channels. Along the way we help you discover the revenue model that is most profitable for you, the provider, and your audience. Advanced Analytics tracks subscribers viewing patterns and provides viewing metric reports so that they are able to better optimize their channel offerings. You may also set up custom viewing packages or sell channels a la carte to allow your customers to choose and pay only for the content they wish to view.

Innovative Content Aggregation

TikiLIVE expands the traditional viewing experience and enables service providers and operators alike to acquire, aggregate and distribute traditional channel lineups via Live Streaming Video as well and VOD. Opt for an OTT platform that incorporates 3rd party advertising as a way to monetize both Live and VOD delivery. Ensure which ads are generating the most interest through Advanced Analytics tracking, all part of our white label solution package.

TikiLIVE has made it easier than ever to reach your customer base. Our turn-key middleware combines content aggregation services in order to offer you complete control. We have partnered with industry leaders in content transport and distribution networks to ensure your transport and back-haul are done on proven networks. With TikiLIVE you can be up and running within a matter of weeks rather than months with other IPTV and OTT solutions.

TikiLIVE is ready to be licensed under your branding . Learn more about a white label license for TIkiLIVE