Learn how to create your own IPTV network and reach a larger audience with your video content!

If your online videos are gaining in popularity, you may be looking for additional ways to increase your number of viewers. While the Internet offers a whole host of options, there are still other ways to gain a following for your videos.

IPTV, or internet protocol television, is one way that you can reach people who may not typically watch videos online. In this article we will introduce you to IPTV and show you how you can use TikiLIVE to create your own IPTV network and expand your viewership.

What Exactly is IPTV?

Internet protocol television (IPTV) is a method for television or video services to be distributed over the internet. IPTV allows users to stream video content through their TV, even though the content may actually originate online.

Some of the big players in the IPTV industry include Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon. While these are very large companies, IPTV also offers a platform for small companies and even individuals to distribute their video content to viewers across all types of devices.

IPTV is typically categorized into three groups:

  •  Live Streaming Video Content: Content that is watched as it’s happening
  • Time-Shifted TV: Content that is accessible any time after the original broadcast
  • Video on Demand / Pay Per View: Users are able to browse a catalog of content that has been previously broadcasted. Video creators can charge for content to generate revenue if necessary.

How You Can Create Your Own IPTV Network

Creating your very own IPTV network may sound like a huge chore, but in reality it is quite easy. Use the following steps to be up and running with your very own IPTV network in a short time.

• Sign Up With TikiLIVE

TikiLIVE is a live streaming provider that offers full IPTV support. With a TikiLIVE account you can instantly share your content to users regardless of device. Whether your users access your content from a computer, tablet, smartphone, Roku device or set top box, TikiLIVE has you covered.

Aside from full IPTV support, TikiLIVE also offers a white-label set top box that allows you to provide your viewers with a proprietary device to access your content. Think of this device as something similar to what you’ve seen from Roku or Apple. It can allow you to provide your viewers with a completely branded IPTV network to show off your entire top-notch content catalog.

• Start Streaming Your Content

Once you have signed up with TikiLIVE, you are ready to disseminate your content to IPTV users around the world. TikiLIVE makes it extremely easy to provide your content to users across all devices.

Benefits of Creating Your Own IPTV Network

Aside from being on the leading edge in terms of the latest in online technology, creating your own IPTV network offers a whole host of advantages compared to traditional television or online-only providers.

Total Control

With your own IPTV network you do not have to worry about what others will think about the content that you are producing. Since you control your own network you are completely free to publish any content that you please. Traditional cable television networks have extremely strict regulations as far as what can and cannot be shown on TV. With your own IPTV network you can easily avoid this needless bureaucracy when producing your own content.

Reach More People with IPTV

One of the keys to gaining a following is simply to get your content in front of as many people as possible. While the Internet is a great platform to stream your content, there is still a large number of people who would rather watch videos from their televisions. With IPTV you can reach this segment of the population to grow your following.

Aside from people preferring to watch your videos on their televisions, IPTV also allows you to reach people around the world. No longer are you constrained by the reach of your local TV network. With IPTV, as long as someone has an Internet connection they can easily watch your content.

Avoid Advertisements

Most online providers like YouTube heavily monetize all of the videos hosted on their sites with advertising. This means that as a video creator, you have little control over when and how much advertising is displayed alongside your videos. This can really affect how engaged your users are when they view your videos. By creating your own IPTV network you not only control all of the content, but you also control whether or not you have any advertisements—and what those advertisements are.

Ability to Adapt

With IPTV, you can constantly tweak your videos based on your viewer’s needs and wants. Unlike traditional television, changing your content is as simple as recording new content and streaming it to your IPTV channel. Having this ability to adapt can mean the difference between a successful video campaign and one that is a huge failure. Creating high quality video content requires consistently tweaking your approach as you learn what your viewers prefer.

Ready to Create Your IPTV Network?

IPTV is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, as more people continue to get rid of their cable subscriptions, they will be looking for IPTV providers to fill the void in terms of content that they are used to watching. Big players like Hulu Plus, Netflix and Amazon are already creating original content for their IPTV subscribers. Why don’t you join the big guys and start creating your own IPTV content for your followers? The IPTV industry is still in its infancy and there is always room for high quality content.

If you’d like to learn more about IPTV and how TikiLIVE can help you build a bigger audience, contact us today! We have a variety of options for content providers of all sizes and are confident that we have a solution that can allow you to stream your content to your IPTV viewers.