You need to know how to build a video streaming website? Nothing easier with the video streaming solutions from Eyepartner! You have a great idea involving creating a streaming video website where users can submit videos or better- send live feed through your platform? All you need is the right team and software so you can focus on getting bigger and bigger.

A video site is rather complex. Before implementing the business make sure you have considered all the key-items to make it happen. There are plenty of options on the market- what you need to do is choose the right one, the perfect solution so you can leave out the headaches of learning programming, SEO or any other technical details and just go and plan the right strategy to get listed on the first page!

The ipTV broadcasting platform from Tikilive gives you all the power to stream live and recorded content, to earn from your streaming website while our engineers team is taking care of your website to run smoothly. We deliver live, ready-to-cash website for you to fill in with content and start making money.

Streaming media is popular, but do you know how to make money from it? That’s big question, as internet surfers love for all things to be free online- and willingness of either steal or ignore content with [pay now] attached drag content producers into struggling to find ways to make a living. Choose the business model fit for you;

– earn from advertising with Ads Module and Channel manager

– earn from Pay-per-view

– earn from monthly subscriptions

Let the professionals build the video streaming website for you! You learn how to manage it. Your business plan is ready to go live? Call us at +1.305.455.8675 or e-mail at to see it live.