In today’s world, everyone is using the internet for everything!

Why not integrate Live Online Chat Support into your website to allow your visiters as well as customers another form of communication?

First, we want to identify, what is Live Support Software? Please read the article as it describes what this service is all about.

Live Support Software
Live Chat Support

Now that you have a better understanding of what Live Support Software is, we can get started in showing you how easy it is to set-up!

To get started today, please follow these steps outlined below:

1. Click Here to create an account on TikiLIVE

2. Check your email for the activation link. Be sure to check your Inbox as well as Junk and Spam Folder for the email.

3. Create a channel on TikiLIVE by following our manual link Here

4. Click Here to download The HD Wave free of charge (Select Option 4)

5. To install and run The HD Wave Broadcaster, please click Here

6. Click Here to embed the player onto your site

Click Here to see our Online Live Support!

If you would like us to walk you through setting up an account, please call us at 305.289.4557 and we will be happy to help get you started today!

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