You may be wondering how you could earn extra money with Advertising.

Some of our clients earn money by selling advertising space on their platform.

For instance, you could sell ad space allowing broadcasters to run advertisements by ingesting commercials as pre, mid and post rolls onto each channel!

Another way if you could offer the ability to run pop-up banner advertisement earning even more revenue for each channel!

Take 3 Angels LIVE for instance. They are a non-profit organization and the way they earn extra income is by selling advertising space.

Another client of ours, Niagra Falls LIVE earns money in selling advertising space. This LIVE Stream is one of the most visited places on Earth! People all over the world come to this site to view the LIVE Stream, so why not offer advertising for visitors. As you can see, a lot of companies that depend of tourists to make their way to the Falls, advertise on this site to bring in more revenue!

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