In the beginning of October, Roku made a major announcement regarding their newest line of hardware products completed with a new software update for consumer TV’s running the Roku operating system. In total, Roku has several new streaming devices ranging from entry-level to high-end players that consumers can’t wait to get their hands on.

A Look Into Roku’s New OTT Devices

The Roku Ultra

The first in the lineup of Roku’s new OTT devices is the Roku Ultra. This handy gadget has many features such as 4K and HDR compatibility, as well as both a microSD card slot and USB port. In addition to these features, the Roku Ultra has ethernet ports in the event users want to connect their Roku device to a hard line cable due to a suboptimal WiFi connection .

The Roku Ultra is a highly rated OTT device that packs quite the punch. This new tool was designed for consumers who have their own home theater setup, but can also be used in any room within one’s home.

The Roku Streaming Stick and Streaming Stick Plus

Unlike the Ultra, the Stick Plus does not require the use of a box that’s equipped with ethernet ports, USB ports, or HDMI slots. The Stick Plus, alone, is a whole new type of wireless receiver. The Stick Plus can successfully stream any type of 4K content, as well as HDR content.

In addition to the Stick Plus, buyers will receive an external WiFi antenna that will assist in streaming TV media from a distance without having to come across buffering issues that can result from poor connections.

The standard Streaming Stick does not include the WiFi antenna or the 4K and HDR content streaming option. The latest and greatest Streaming Stick comes with a high-speed processor, standard Roku remote, and has voice control features.

The Roku Express and Express Plus

The Roku Express is a miniature box that is placed under the TV and provides customers with standard HD streaming.

The Express Plus version has all the features of the Express but with the option to connect the Roku to the TV by composite cables instead of HDMI.

As OTT grows stronger and more popular as the years, devices like the Roku will continue to evolve to match the demand.

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