Social network advertising refers to Online advertising focused on social networking sites. The main advantage when promoting on social sites is that you can take advantage of the users demographic profile and target your ads appropriately.

Social networking sites allow people to interact and build relationships. When products or companies join those sites individuals can interact with the product or the company. Tikilive broadcast networking platform allows subscribers to interact on chat window while the live event stream can feature ads-roll- either videos or banners.

Following the traditional form of web advertising – direct adverting placed on social networking site- Tikilive gives you both banners and video-rolls to place on your broadcasting network.

Take advantage of the demographic profiles within the network and offer your advertisers a more engaging way to reach your members. The analysts predict that this year the social media revenue will generate $16.9 billion from which $8.8 billion to come out from advertising. It’s 43% more than last year and while sales will continue to grow for this market (especially game ads) you need to be part of this huge revenue generator and get more income from your traffic.

Text ads are surprisingly effective is some segments. 76% from your guest will not mind seeing ads when logged in to your social broadcasting network. this percentage is really large- so much that Razofish concluded: “Content, in our view, will become advertising.”

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New revenue opportunities will always exist in social media, but no new services will be able to bring significant fresh revenue by 2016 according to domain specialists. In short and medium terms, social networking sites should deploy solutions to give marketers an accurate picture of trends, about consumers’ needs and preferences on a custom basis. In the meantime focus on offering other channels of revenue: mobile advertising and STB adverting.

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