What is TV over the internet? Also knows as Internet Television or Online TV is the digital distribution of TV content via web. Notice that there is a difference between Internet Television and Web Television – short videos or programs created for web specifically or Internet Protocol Television- the internet technology standard for television broadcasters.

Nowadays the ipTV is generally adopted as designated term for Internet Television – even if it’s related to technology used to deliver the content and not to the content itself.

Internet Television enables users to choose the content or the show they want to watch from an archive or from the channel direct stream. Tikilive platform empowers its owner to offer live and VOD directly to a media player. No downloads are needed to access the feeds and with the TV on Demand market upsurging so fast, running The Right Platform for your broadcasters is mandatory for your business. For example the Tikilive.com platform brings in users that stream over 10TB video content weekly.

online television

With Tikilive platform you can provide your broadcasters with different formats and quality controls- you offer flexibility based on what viewers and content owners have at the infrastructure level. While there are plenty of free channels online , there are also millions of people paying monthly subscription to get TV channels on their nice, wide , flat TV screens. Push your streaming to the edge! Get multi-screen reachable! Let your audience follow your content either on computer, directly from Tikilive, on TV through ipTV set up using the Roku STB or on Mobile Platform. Add billing options or simply advertising campaigns and let your income grow with the audience.

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