We wish to inform you that we are revamping our Affiliate system to include our brand NEW services of Premium Channel / Content offers to include, ESPN, Disney, CNN, Fox, TNT, AMC, Discovery Channel plus 200 more!

You shall now have an alternate choice to your cable TV without long term contract or commitments.

We are going to add this service to our Affiliate System but it shall take a bit of time. At this time we shall be suspending the Affiliate system until such a time when we can add our newest Premium TV service to it.

We appreciate your business and we hope to have the newest Affiliate system in place in the coming weeks ahead.

Thank you again and please let us know if you have any questions regarding any of our services.


TikiLIVE provides the same viewing experience on most mainstream devices. Once you activate your primary viewing device you can enable second-screen viewing on phones, tablets, and other common applications and players.

Primary Viewing Devices

  • »  Hisense Smart TVs
  • »  Approved Android Set Top Boxes

Approved Secondary Viewing Devices

  • »  Android Phones and Tablets
  • »  iPhones and iPads
  • »  Roku Set Top Boxes
  • »  Amazon Fire TV