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Tiki Plus pack with extra channels to enjoy! MAVTV , Sony Movie Channel, GET TV, OAN, AWE are available in USA only!
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Program Your Own Channels

Use our exclusive Channel Manager to program 24/7 linear channels! No experience needed.
With our drag-n-drop playlist interface you will be in total control of your entertainment and advertising.
Once you have a streaming 24/7 channel, you may easily distribute the stream.

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We have multiple publishing plans available.

Starter Plan

Simultaneous Viewers 1,000
Streaming Bandwidth 1,000 GB/mo
Cloud Storage 100 GB
Video Channels 1
Radio Channels 1
Video Transcodes 100/mo

Midrange Plan

Simultaneous Viewers 1,500
Streaming Bandwidth 2 TB/mo
Cloud Storage 200 GB
Video Channels 2
Radio Channels 1
Video Transcodes 150/mo

All In Plan

Simultaneous Viewers 10,000
Streaming Bandwidth 20 TB/mo
Cloud Storage 500 GB
Video Channels 6
Radio Channels 1
Video Transcodes 5,000/mo

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Better Than Radio Streaming Audio

The New Face of Radio!

TikiLIVE supports event Based Podcasting or 24/7 streaming internet radio.
Publishers can go LIVE from the studio or schedule playlists in the TikiLIVE Event based Scheduler.

TikiLIVE Key Features

Stream Live or on Demand and Monetize your Content at TikiLIVE.

Turn-Key Mobile Applications:
Our Private Label Operators can publish their own applications, maintaining themselves as the developer of record and their own brand. Our Mobile Applications allow for playback of LIVE and VOD libraries published to the TikiLIVE API and Platform.
Complete Cloud CMS Platform
Need a video delivery and easy to use broadcasting solution? TikiLIVE allows you to go live, upload, transcode, and host your live events and video on demand library with our intuitive drag-n-drop solutions. Schedule one or more video channels and publish to any viewing device.
Free Ad Supported Video (FAST):
TikiLIVE enables publishers and White Label Operators to monetize their free content with Advertising Revenue. Server Side Ad Insertion enables a seamless playback experience, keeping users happy and while maximizing your revenue at the same time.
Designed to Maximize Stream Delivery:
TikiLIVE is built on a global infrastructure of Streaming Origins and Content Delivery Networks. TikiLIVE’s automated Services will make sure your LIVE broadcast connects to the best possible service. Our streaming solution scales both horizontally and vertically to ensure the right services are up and online with failover redundancy in place.
Fully Managed Cloud Hosting and Delivery:
TikiLIVE’s Container based Architecture is fully managed by our skilled team with decades of experience in hosting streaming solutions. White Label Operators can choose economical hosting plans for lean expectations or engage auto-scaling to meet whatever demand their customer base requires.
Better than Radio
TikiLIVE supports event Based Podcasting or 24/7 streaming internet radio. Publishers can go LIVE from the studio or schedule playlists in the TikiLIVE Event based Scheduler.
Publish VOD as LIVE Streaming Channels:
Our Channel Manager Service allows broadcasters to publish their Videos as LIVE Linear Television. No need for expensive hardware based solutions for 24/7 Streaming Television Channels or individual event-based streaming. Channels may be published as Free Ad Supported Video (FAST) or behind a Paid Subscription Paywall.
Robust API For Own-Application Integration:
TikiLIVE offers a complete RESTful API that allows White Label Operators to deploy their own branded applications, relying on TikiLIVE for the Content management, Protection, and Monetization. If you have a unique Graphical User Interface (GUI) that you want to manage in-house, the TikiLIVE API makes it easy. You may be watching VODs and LIVE Streams on an Application powered by the TikILIVE API and not even know it.
Monetize through Paywalls:
TikiLIVE allows Publishers and White-Label Operators to Monetize through Paywalls. TikiLIVE supports PPV Events or lets networks charge a recurring subscription for any content published to TikiLIVE.

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Android Phones
Android Phones
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Ios Phones
iOS Phones
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Fire TV
Fire TV Stick
Watch your favorites away from home, even in hotels and dorm rooms.
Compatibile Roku
Search through the widest selection of channels. Many popular choices are completely free!
Hisense TV
Hisense TV
Hisense has over 130 brands and millions of Televisions in the market place today.
Apple TV
Apple TV
Apple TV is a digital media player and a microconsole developed and sold by Apple Inc.
Operat TV
Opera TV Opera TV
Explore the rich world of entertainment that Opera TV brings you.
Cast from your iPhone®, iPad®, Android device or laptop to the TV.

Social Broadcasting

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