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Available on iOS and Android phones and tablets

Main App Features

Channel Guide

Navigate between your channels within the traditional cable TV guide. Access the guide from anywhere on your supported device. Navigate through future programming and schedule Server-Side DVR recordings which can be viewed as a Video On Demand (VOD) in case you are not available to catch your favorite programs when they are LIVE.


Our server side DVR enables our viewers to schedule a DVR session from any device linked with their account, and consume it in the future. Since the files are stored within the cloud, the DVR assets can be viewed on any other devcie they have linked to their account as well.

Video Library

List out your featured VOD content with your video Library. Operators can set up their own categories and list the content in a hierarchy organized by them, or inherited from the video asset’s metadata.


Quickly diagnose network problems that may be causing problematic playback. This is a real-time speed test to our servers and CDNs that are used for playback of both LIVE and VODs to your device.

Available on iOS and Android phones and tablets

Also available for Set Top Boxes