Electronic Program Guide for IPTV (REWRITE OF: electronic program guide)If you are looking to broadcast video content to your users, you have a wide variety of options. You can use traditional broadcasting methods such as television, which are often expensive, or you can harness the power of the Internet to deliver video content at a fraction of the price through IPTV.

IPTV Explained

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a way for video providers to stream their content to a television through a set top box rather than broadcasting through traditional cable or satellite providers. IPTV allows content providers to not be hindered by the high costs and regulations that riddle the traditional cable and satellite industries.

IPTV Allows Everyone to Broadcast High Quality Content

Using IPTV combined with high-speed Internet access allows almost anyone to easily stream content to set top boxes and other Internet devices. Today, most smartphones and tablets can deliver high quality HD video, allowing content to be created without expensive video equipment.

Appeal of IPTV Broadcasting

Let’s face it – the traditional TV industry is in trouble. With outrageous monthly fees, consumers are turning to other alternatives when it comes to consuming digital content. Streaming providers like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have seen huge success offering digital content to consumers through the Internet and set top boxes at affordable prices. These providers have seen a variety of benefits to utilizing IPTV as opposed to traditional cable or satellite including:

Lower Costs: The infrastructure involved in IPTV is much less than that of conventional cable TV distribution. All content is delivered over an IT network as opposed to expensive and dedicated coaxial cabling. This lowers the barriers to entry for independent content creators looking to easily disseminate their content to a wide range of end users.

Display Flexibility: With traditional cable television you were limited to watching your content on only a television. With IPTV, you can still watch content on a TV, but you can also watch content on a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

Scalability: By partnering with a high-powered content delivery network like TikiLIVE, you are easily able to scale your video content. Traditional cable networks require additional cabling to grow their user base. With IPTV all users need to access your video content is high-speed Internet access, which is becoming more prevalent by the day.

HD Support: IPTV offers native HD support where traditional cable offers limited HD support and often requires expensive equipment to handle the HD signals.

Electronic Program Guide for IPTV

One of the ways that IPTV providers like TikiLIVE distance themselves from the cable industry is through an interactive program guide. Below are a few features that are standard with the electronic program guide from TikiLIVE.

Sophisticated Search Filters: With IPTV you have access to content from hundreds, if not thousands of sources. This sheer amount of content can sometimes be overwhelming. With TikiLIVE’s program guide you can easily use our embedded search filters to find the content that you want without a fuss.

Event Scheduling: With TikiLIVE you can easily pull channels from all across the world to provide to users within your custom IPTV network. TikiLIVE automatically scrapes each channel’s broadcasting information and populates your program guide so that users are always able to access relevant content through your broadcasting network.

User Friendly Display: Our program guide offers an easy to use display, which allows all of your content to be properly displayed for your users.

Additional Benefits of TikiLIVE and IPTV

While we have listed many of the benefits of IPTV, we now want to showcase some of the reasons that choosing TikiLIVE as your IPTV makes both common and financial sense. Below are just a few of the many features that our growing number of users continues to enjoy:

Pay Per View Capabilities: TikiLIVE’s robust pay per view capabilities can be fully integrated into your IPTV network to allow you to either charge for live content or charge for previously broadcasted content. This allows you to make money during live broadcasts and well into the future. TikiLIVE easily allows you to charge your users for content through an electronic program guide or online as well.

Mobile Support: At TikiLIVE we mention mobile support often only because we think it is the future of video streaming. With well over half of all Internet access coming from mobile devices, failing to address this segment of your user base is catastrophic. Think about being instantly able to grow your user base simply by offering support for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Through HTML5, TikiLIVE offers full mobile support right out of the gate, leaving you able to focus on generating content as opposed to how your users will access your content.

Pre-Built Website: After you have started to create video content you will likely realize that you need a website to further market your videos. TikiLIVE is one step ahead of you with our integrated WordPress website option. Through your TikiLIVE online control panel, you can access your WordPress website and post your videos with ease. This allows you to reach your users through a variety of methods without having the technical background that is often required to launch a website.

Social Media Integration: An important way to grow your user base is through social media. TikiLIVE offers social media integration that can allow you to easily post updates to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ all from within your TikiLIVE control panel. Social media management can sometimes seem like a full time job and this is why TikiLIVE makes posting to all of your networks extremely easy.

Ready to Launch your IPTV Network with TikiLIVE?

If you think the time is finally right to launch your IPTV network, don’t hesitate to lean on the experts at TikiLIVE for guidance. Contact us today to get all of your questions answered!