TikiLIVE has been in the streaming industry for over a decade. We streamed live TV channels while folks still had rabbit ear antennas on their TV sets. Now, as more people are switching from cable to live streaming video options, TikiLIVE is here for you.

TikiLIVE delivers content, including local channels, HD programming, and live internet radio. Unlike Comcast or Time Warner Cable, which deliver their set programs through analog cable, TikiLIVE operates over the internet. This allows our customers to enjoy live content with the least amount of buffering and streaming issues possible. We have a large network of servers located around the world to ensure that streamed TV channels are delivered as seamlessly as possible.

Cable doesn't allow much choice. A typical cable viewer pays large monthly fees to have hundreds of channels they do not watch. Consumers are switching from cable in favor of a la carte services, where they are able to pick and choose the content they want.

At the same time, the number of video streaming players is projected to grow. By 2017, 39% of households will stream TV channels with streaming media players. The market is opening up. Consumers and content creators alike are using IPTV/OTTproviders like TikiLIVE in order to have more control over what they watch.

It's no wonder people all across the nation are starting to stream TV channels with live and Catch Up channels that are streamed directly over the Internet to your device. TikiLIVE offers both LIVE and FREE Catch up episodes.

Our OTT subscription packages are affordable with basic plans starting at only $1.99 per month and include free episodes from ESPN, Nickelodeon, UFC-TV, National Geographic and Discovery channel. For $5.99 a month you can access Cartoon Network, Bloomberg Television, Buzzfeed and Comedy Central along with over 1000 of Indie channels. TikiLIVE offers a low cost solution for consumers looking for an alternative to traditional cable and satellite.