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Publish Your Content To The Big Screen

Just like Netflix, you can stream LIVE, publish videos or channels online and a Roku TV app at the same time. Audiences from around the world can watch your content from your own website and directly on TV, through your own Roku app. We include this service as a part of

Release Your New Roku TV App

TikiLIVE provides you with your own Roku channel app. Your Roku TV app is compiled and hosted just for you. It is compiled with your own company brand and design preferences. Roku users can find your branded Roku TV app by searching for it under your company name and there are no references to TikiLIVE.

Start Your Own TV Channel

Do you stream live TV, publish channels or VOD’s? If you're not publishing to Roku TV (the most popular major streaming devices in the US), you are missing a huge potential audience. As of the first quarter of 2024, Roku reported a total of around 81.6 million active accounts worldwide. Many of today’s CTV households have a Roku TV set. TikiLIVE provides a service where you can build your very own Roku TV app. All of the design, development, hosting and content streaming is included with your account. It is easy to see why you should make Roku TV a focus point of your streaming plans.

We Make The Process Simple

We start with a logo and basic branding elements that match your brand, (i.e. company name, logo, website, description of your content), and TikiLIVE goes to work to build your Roku TV app. Typical timeline from start to finish for a Roku TV app is a few days. After its completion, you may publish your new Roku TV app to the Roku store. All of your content, live events and channels can be easily managed by you from your TikiLIVE dashboard portal.

Host Many 24/7 LIVE Broadcast Channels

Our Channel Manager technology allows you to host LIVE 24x7 linear broadcasts. You simply arrange your videos into our drag and drop solution to create your playlists. The process is quick and easy. It is also a great way of creating your own linear broadcast where you are in complete control of your channels and pre-recorded content.

Manage Your Own VOD Libraries

Our VOD Transcoding farm will normalize your VOD content for improved quality at optimized bitrates. You can set your own categorical breakdown and organize the content in different series or genres.

This Is a No Coding Solution

There is no technical knowledge or coding required to create your Roku TV app using TikiLIVE. We have taken care of all of the app development for you. You simply need to upload and publish your actual media content, live streams or videos. We can even help you import your media content from external sources to make the build process easier for you.

Easy as 1-2-3

Any time you upload a video or add a live stream through your TikiLIVE account, the content becomes instantly available inside your Roku TV app. You simply click a radio button to publish the content and your audience is able to watch it directly on their Roku TV.

Combine LIVE Events with Live Linear Channels

Easily combine and mix your pre-recorded pre-recorded content with LIVE events in your new Roku TV app. Your audience will be able to watch you in real-time during these events. Your audience can access all of your pre-recorded videos for “binge watching”.

Click to Demo Channel Manager

Use our exclusive Channel Manager to program 24/7 linear channels! No experience needed. With our drag-n-drop playlist interface you will be in total control of your entertainment and advertising. Once you have a streaming 24/7 channel, you may easily distribute the stream.
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