by TikiLIVE Team on 17 August, 2011

Marathon, Fla.—Eyepartner has launched Quality of Service (QoS) reports for their platforms, including TikiLIVE, that allow administrators to access real-time users statistics to troubleshoot issues faster reducing support costs.

Previously, network owners had to field calls from clients to identify any connection or playback problems. Using this optional module, network owners can instantly troubleshoot any issue by viewing the QoS report and determine if the problem is related to the network, user, server, or internet speed. QoS reports allow a network owner to filter successful vs. unsuccessful connections that are all tagged and stamped with the date and time, user type, error type, channel/video and more.

“The advanced GEO location tracking lets administrators pinpoint specific users and their connection information while viewing the network as a whole to determine if an issue is systemic or localized,” said Tim Green, founder and CEO of Eyepartner. “Removing the unknowns allows owners to quickly fix the problem and allows the client to get back online faster.”

On a large scale, the QoS reports track connection problems of entire areas and regions, and allows administrators to easily alert clients and their support staff of those areas. While the QoS reports are available as add-ons for all Eyepartner platforms, QoS reports can also be customized for other non-Eyepartner platforms.


Click here to see a sample of the report.


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