by TIKILive Team on 26 May, 2009

The TikiLIVE team is now proud to announce the addition of 5 more demo channels to the TikiLIVE community.  The channels are: The Eyepartner Office in Marathon Florida, Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, and TruTV.  These can be seen under the tikilive user or can be viewed on the front page of the site. [...]

by TIKILive Team on 20 May, 2009

TikiLIVE is the one stop shop for all of you interested in showing off your broadcasting skills. The community that comprises TikiLIVE is made up of amateur as well as professional broadcasters. All business start off with two things in common, small and the will to become the best in the world.   Why choose TikiLIVE? Well the video streams are broadcasted at thirty frames per second in H.264 quality. That’s right, HD quality [...]