by TikiLIVE Team on 22 May, 2013


Eyepartner expands its CDN footprint to include the Cogent network on the East coast and beyond. We are rapidly expanding our IP Transit connectivity to thousands of businesses around the world. This offers more service locations for our platforms than any other Tier 1 carrier and expands our connectivity to major content networks everywhere. We shall continue to provide reliable, scalable and low cost bandwidth.

Faster Affordable HD Streaming as low as 1 cent per GB! Our expanded service will allow you to stream to your end users with just one hop away! Our customers will appreciate ultra-low latency access when using our HD streaming platforms. This will provide the most reliable, scalable and cost-effective way to deliver HD streams period. Whether your business caters to TV delivery, social broadcasting, streaming VOD media, pay per view, teleconferencing or digital signage, our latest network expansion is the answer.

Why we chose Cogent to expand – the facts are clear

• 50% of the top web properties in the US & Europe are Cogent customers (comScore)

• The Cogent network is directly connected to more than 80% of US broadband eyeballs (LRG)

• Cogent is the only commercial ISP to operate one of the 13 DNS root servers of the Internet (C.ROOT)

• More than 400 Universities & Research Institutions worldwide rely on Cogent bandwidth

• Whitehat Network 2012 (Spamhaus)

Want to learn more about how you may qualify for low cost bandwidth (as low as 1 cent per GB)? Contact us through our online form at: or by calling 305.289.4557.