For the last decade, TikiLIVE has offered IPTV and OTT services to network operators and distributors from all over. TikiLIVE’s white label IPTV services allow you to leverage our platform, software, and network in order to distribute your content without the need for complex, proprietary, or expensive hardware. With our unique white label tv service, you can apply your own identity to our channel packages as you market your content.

Additionally, our white label TV services allow you to customize our product with your brand, logo, and identity-enabling customers to associate the service with you.
Why White Label IPTV?
Our White label IPTV solutions offer many advantages over a do-it-yourself solution. TikiLIVE's white label IPTV solutions are fully integrated and ready-made, which mean there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

As the business owner, you won’t be required to spend valuable resources on research or development. Most importantly, you won’t have to work in an area that is not tailored to your core competency. Many times, coming up with a do-it-yourself solution can lead to irritating mistakes that were already solved and mastered by others before you; and in our line of work, redundant mistakes are the ones that we can’t afford to make if we want to get ahead.

Prepackaged solutions (white label) provide an opportunity to trust in the specific space you are focused on and help to avoid making the same mistakes that were previously made by yourself and others. Purchasing a white label IPTV license through TikiLIVE will enable you to focus on growing your business instead of troubleshooting problems.
The Tools Have Already Been Built For You
We work with dozens of platforms and operators around the world to give you new verticals to publish your content on while increasing your revenue. TikiLIVE is designed to be deployed using off the shelf open standard equipment, therefore, our back office capabilities give broadcasters and programmers every tool they need to be successful. For example, we offer cloud-based transcoding that allows for adaptive streaming playback to reach greater market shares. With this, each Broadcaster has a unique subdomain WordPress pay-per-view broadcasting website, and its members have unique usernames. Profiles are simple to set up and members can comment directly on the channel pages; however, Broadcasters have full admin rights on their channel and can determine which comment can or cannot be published.

Additionally, targeted advertising enables content owners to monetize their content or cross promote with other products offered within the IPTV solution.
Audience Measurement
At TikiLIVE, we can customize content options to fit your specific needs from full turnkey solutions to a more targeted solution that will fully maximize your content revenue streams. With a White Label Internet TV service, you have full control of viewer engagement and will be able to quickly see the type of content users are most engaged with. Our list of measured metrics includes both depth and breadth which authorize you to quickly grasp the viewing trends on the platform. By tracking the Length of Engagement, Buffering Ratios, Viewing Time versus Join Time, as well as the Viewing Time versus the Total Bitrate of their connection, an operator can quickly determine which content is engaging their users most successfully.

At TikiLIVE, we are dedicated to continuing to adapt and evolve alongside the everchanging, 21st-century television industry. Contact us today for more information on our white label IPTV services.