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Back in Hong Kong

by nowtv

Back in Hong Kong

by nowtv
2 years and 3 months ago
Undercover Jetsetter

We jet back to this sublime city for more amazing food, wine, drinks and awe-inspiring views. It’s grand, it’s fusion, it’s heart and soul. We bring you the sights and sounds of Hong Kong, along with its diverse melting pot of culture and people. Take a peek at The Peak and a Potato Margarita. We explore the JW Marriott in Central and why it’s so perfect. Plus we go to one of the most fascinating places where ex-pats thrive, Mid Levels. You won’t believe the escalator system! And of course noodles and dumplings galore! Then we give you the mystery of Pimm’s #1 Cup and why you should do March Madness in Las Vegas at least once in your lifetime.

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