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Clouds go over the sea. The Netherlands

by iBat

Clouds go over the sea The Netherlands.
The Dutch language has many names for different types of clouds. They are generally named after the objects they resemble. Cauliflower clouds, sheep clouds, anvil clouds or stacked clouds – it is easily seen why we call them the way we do.
What actually makes the light in Holland so special for it to attract generations of artists? Some say it is due to the fact that Holland has so much water to reflect light back up at the clouds. They claim that the light has changed because much of the marshy areas in Holland have been impoldered and the reflections have changed. Others say that it is the water-rich grey skies that make for a fading of hard contrast. And if the sun breaks through it seems as if the landscape is lifted up in that one place. Whatever the reason may be, the Dutch skies make for an impressive view.
Within each of these three tiers, scientists further organize clouds into ten broad categories based on the general shapes the clouds take.

High clouds are classified as either cirrus, cirrostratus, or cirrocumulus. Cirrus clouds are made of ice crystals and appear thin, white, and wispy. Cirrostratus clouds are whitish and transparent and tend to blanket the whole sky, sometimes creating a halo effect around the sun or moon. Cirrocumulus clouds are also white and can be sheet-like and rippled.

The clouds are here
They aren't up in the sky.
I cupped them with my hands
and reached up high.
I said to these clouds,
"no more am I blind.
I have to see straight
and that will make me unkind."
Visions of blue,
I'm angry, I'm wise.
And you, you're under cloudy skies.
Blue air I crave, blue air I breathe
They once chopped my heart the way you chop a tree.
Told to equate achievement with pain
I took their top prize and paid them back with rain.
Visions of blue
I'm angry I'm wise and you.
You're under cloudy skies.
Blue air I crave blue air I breathe
they once chopped my heart the way you chop a tree.
Told to…

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