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This Town

by echelon
54 years and 5 months ago
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The story centers on a group of four young men that have been friends since grade school. Tommy has been sentenced to twelve years in a federal penitentiary for interstate drug trafficking. Johnny is his life-long best friend; his parents resent him being friends with Tommy, and feel that he is underachieving because of it. Alex, a struggling artist, is the womanizer of the group. Jimmy seems like he is the only normal one of the group; he has a steady job and lives with his girlfriend of seven years.

The story also focuses on a family of three: Michael, a former criminal and womanizer, is now paralyzed and cannot take care of his most basic needs; his wife, Faith now takes care of him and provides for the family now that her husband cannot; and their only daughter Angie, who is the perfect daughter anyone could want. The climax of the film is when everyone's story intertwines and all hell breaks loose. Characters are forced to make critical choices on a moral, religious, and spiritual level. Some redeem themselves; others rediscover themselves. One thing is for certain: they will never be the same.

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