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From the City to the Tropics

by nowtv
8 years and 1 week ago
Undercover Jetsetter

Jetset into London. Brexit or not, this is still one of the great towns to visit. We take you on an extended tour. Sit back with a spot of tea – and a dash of gin. Next, we head to Baltimore to find a Marriott that has a distinction no other Marriott has. You have to go to the Towson Marriott to find out or watch the show. Next, we head to Philly to Raw and realize how the cultures are clashing in a lovely way when it comes to sushi. Your taste buds will love the competition. Then we head to a Mexican all-inclusive resort. Be careful, the Cancun Grand Oasis will lull you. And then we head to the Carolinas to meet the Club Doctor. Tired of hearing you stink at golf. Well, it might be your clubs. The Club Doctor can tell you.

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