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Serendipity and the Mama

by nowtv
8 years and 1 month ago
Undercover Jetsetter

Jetset to the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. But there is a great Jack Nicklaus golf course at a great private resort that we can get you on. It is called the Glenmoore. Next, we get you lost in Hong Kong and we end up on an island with one of the greatest seafood restaurants in the world. And if you want sushi, where else should you go but … Atlanta? Yup, we hit the Pacific Rim restaurant and try using some different rice. Back to Philly, where we get Cajun (where else?) at Mamou. And we learn the chef got all of his recipes from his Mama from Mamou. And meet the TV star who is pure and loyal to his golf game. He plays clubs like they did 50 years go. Meet Mitch Laurence.

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