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It’s Vegas Baby with a Quickie in London

by nowtv
7 years and 11 months ago
Undercover Jetsetter

Jetset with us as we hit the restaurants, hotels, and golf courses you need to see. Then we head to Canton, Ohio and savor the farm to fresh cuisine of … what other name but … Savor. The even have baba ganoush. We had back to London for a great pre-theater meal at Jamie Oliver’s Union Jacks. What’s a Brit doing making great gourmet pizza? Then we hit Atlanta to find a restaurant with a 1960s hippie with a farm to fresh attitude at R. Thomas Deluxe. Then we jet set to the west coast for more J. Rickards wines, but these are made from vines that are more than 100 years old. Back in the Carolinas, we find some gators at Oyster Bay Golf Course that look 100 years old too. Don’t let them distract your golf swing.

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