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Castles and the 1920’s

by nowtv
8 years and 1 week ago
Undercover Jetsetter

Jetset into Lexington, Kentucky – it is not old country, but John never knows that. But we find out that Lexington is more than just horses, college hoops, and bourbon. We discover a 13th Century castle (built in the 21st Century) and three incredible wineries – thanks to the US disdain for tobacco. Next, we go to Hong Kong to bring you Indonesian food. Wow what a delight. Then we charge down South to visit Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald as they prepare for The Depression and the end of the 1920s. Later, we head to North Carolina and we crash the wedding of two golf pros whom we met on the golf course. And since we were too busy at the wedding, we had to work on our golf game quickly, so we figured out how to play better golf using a smart phone.

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