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Hot Restaurants and Cool Clubs

by nowtv

Hot Restaurants and Cool Clubs

by nowtv
3 years and 8 months ago
Undercover Jetsetter

Jetting around town. Her food is as hot as she is. We hit the new restaurant of celebrity chef Giada on the Strip in Las Vegas. Then we go to the Midwest to find a twisted restaurant with inventive and tasty food, plus a great wine list including wines made at a winery just down the road. And we will take you back to a restaurant still steeped in the dark, glamorous beauty of 1950s Los Angeles. You will feel like you just stepped into LA Confidential. Plus what just might be one of the best chardonnays in the world from a brilliant winemaking family. And for you golfers, we show you a new innovative program to lower your score with a new teaching method.

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