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Fun and Food in Jacksonville

by nowtv

Sure Jacksonville is known as a Navy town and loaded with great beaches. One of our Lyft drivers called it a small quaint town masquerading as a big city. It has a corporate feel downtown with a touch of the Deep South.
But what most people don't know -- unless you explore like we did -- is that Jacksonville is a great food and drink town.
We went to a Jags NFL game. And tailgaters outside EverBank Stadium shared some gourmet grilling with us.
We found a gem called Orsay, a French restaurant that is hip and modern. The staff here is deeply committed to their food. They take tests on the menu every week. And that attention to detail pays off in the food and the drinks.
Next, we found Hawkers. This is in Jacksonville’s arts section. This place was jamming. It was described to us as Asian tapas or Asian street food. And it was fabulous.
Next, we hit the San Marco area of Jacksonville. It is a great spot for jetsetters to walk and try some great cuisine.
We were served some libations at Grape and Grain Exchange. This is a great bar and liquor store. But in the back on certain nights this becomes a speak-easy in honor of those who defied Prohibition.
Next, we hit Tarverna. This is just another surprise from the Jacksonville culinary scene.
A find near the airport is Millhouse Steak House. What a surprise.
So, Jacksonville has a lot to offer. Don’t put off that trip there.

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