Calculate your server needs

  • Maximum Simultaneous Viewers
  • Number of Live Channels
  • CDN Enabled
  • Fault Tolerant Origins Needed?
  • Transcoding Services (optional)
  • Transcode Movies
  • Radio Module

Expected Loads Notes

  • 2000 Page Views per second per Web Server
  • 300 Simultaneous Live Streams per active Origin Streaming Server
  • 1800 viewers per Edge Server

Optional Monster Encoder Services

  • A) 200 encodes / month
  • B) 1000 encodes / month

Network Info

  • All Page View Loads are based on a 70KB page
  • All Streaming Loads are based on SD Content (500 kbs)
  • Live Streams = Broadcast + Scheduled Playlists


Estimated Total
Set Up Fee (one time)

Please note that all figures are an indication only. The figures are not a formal quotation nor a contractual offer.
Mobile Output Stream is both RTMP + HLS
You are responsible for purchasing a wowza license here.
Output Stream is RTMP only
Output is Streamed thru CDN
1x Dedicated Server
1x Balancer Server
1x Apache Server
1x MySQL Server
1x Apache + MySQL Server
1x Origin Wowza Server
1x Edge Wowza Server
1x Wowza Instance
1x ShoutCast Server
1x FMS Server
Monthly SAAS
Dedicated Server One Time Setup Fee