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Gods And God Part 05

by iipccanada

In this video a person can be able to find the meanings of the words which are used for gods and they are also referred as idols. Where are these gods and idols mentioned in the Quran? What is "Tamseel" or "Tamaseel". How the word tamseel or tamaseelis derived from Arabic?What does it means? What is an allegory, idiom? What is the literal translation of idol or idols? How they become gods? Who is the beloved idol? What is the difference between Idol and Beloved Idol? Who are we as human-beings? What are emotions or feelings and intellect or wisdom present in our psyche? What is the wisdom? How do we as human being govern ourselves by wisdom or intellect? Why a person love somebody or something, take revenge, become jealous, hate, hurt, cries, laugh, fears "Who are the small gods" What is the dispute between grammarians about the derivation of the word Allah How if and but, love, honor, respect, longing, delay, desire, wishful thinking, time or hour, vulture, husband, scholars, pharaoh, Jesus, Mary sun and the moon become idols or false gods for a person. How to identify the false gods Why a person got trapped in emotions? Why a person seeking aid from others? Who is the husband?
You will be able to get your answer of the above mentioned questions in this famous and popular YouTube video What Al-Quran says about Aalihah / gods and Allah / The God Part 01. The most fundamental topic for all.

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