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Costco Whites Promo

by nowtv
6 years and 6 months ago
Undercover Jetsetter...

We preview two of the most tasty yet inexpensive Chardonnays at Costco. The first is the Kirkland California Chardonnay. It comes in a big bottle but can be only $7.99. It does not have the big oak and butter, but it has a subtle citrus back taste. If you like Sauvignon Blancs then this is your Chardonnay. The Kirkland Sonoma County (the idiot host here says Sonoma Country!) is a traditional California Chardonnay with lots of butter and oak that is also well within your price range around $6.99 a bottle. Check your local Costco. This video is a cut-down of an entire show we did on a number of Costco whites and the cheeses that go with them.

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