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The Comedy World Network (CWN) brings comedy content from around the world - including classics, sitcoms, game shows, stand up comedy routines, music programs and cartoons. At Comedy World Network we put the FUN back into Funny and we bridge technology and comedy to enhance our viewer’s experience.
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ComedyWorldNet Network
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Comedy World Network

My Celebrity Boyfriend

0097 Comedy World Network Sep 22 08:01 PM - 08:58 PM
In a world obsessed with fame, many young people dream about what it would really be like to date a celebrity. Is their world as idyllic as we would like to believe and what’s it really like to be their partner? One single lady tests out the reality of having a Celebrity Boyfriend on behalf of all the people that ever wondered. Dating men from a broad spectrum of fame, from rappers and politicians to comedians, actors and sports stars, she will discover whether it’s all fun and flowers or if she’s forced to hide in the shadows.


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