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The Comedy World Network (CWN) brings comedy content from around the world - including classics, sitcoms, game shows, stand up comedy routines, music programs and cartoons. At Comedy World Network we put the FUN back into Funny and we bridge technology and comedy to enhance our viewer’s experience.
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ComedyWorldNet Network
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Comedy World Network

No Angels

0100 Comedy World Network Jan 21 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Kate, Beth, Lia and Neeta. Four nurses from Leeds, all in their 20s. They work hard and play hard. Their motto: don’t bring your work home with you, you’re not paid enough. But that’s the joy of nursing: after hours, your time’s your own... These girls are nurses, but they’re no Angels. A new generation, they are uncynical and up against it, happily single, sexually predatory, driven by friendship and unwilling to defer to men.


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