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The Comedy World Network (CWN) brings comedy content from around the world - including classics, sitcoms, game shows, stand up comedy routines, music programs and cartoons. At Comedy World Network we put the FUN back into Funny and we bridge technology and comedy to enhance our viewer’s experience.
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ComedyWorldNet Network
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Comedy World Network

Rude Tube

0100 Comedy World Network May 22 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Rude Tube is a top 50 countdown of the funniest, rudest and most bizarre video clips that have taken the internet by storm. It's a fast-paced review of the video viral revolution; the pop culture phenomena that is changing the way we watch, and what we watch, making superstars out of nobodies and sharing the most private of moments with a potential audience of billions. In compiling the list, Rude Tube viewed thousands of clips in search of the viral uploads that transformed on-line video from a geeky backwater into the mainstream. Selecting the global highlights of viral advertising, rare CCTV footage, uncensored TV out-takes, home-movie madness and inspired user-generated masterpieces Rude Tube is proud to present among others: Elastic Boy, The World's Drunkest Man, The Boss from Hell and the lip-sync ninja masters from Shanghai. From number 50 to undisputed number one, Rude Tube arranges the virals in order of their online popularity. Beginning with cult classics of the internet, and concluding with the unveiling of the mega stars of the new broadcasting age, Rude Tube tells the stories behind these memorable moments.


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