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The Comedy World Network (CWN) brings comedy content from around the world - including classics, sitcoms, game shows, stand up comedy routines, music programs and cartoons. At Comedy World Network we put the FUN back into Funny and we bridge technology and comedy to enhance our viewer’s experience.
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ComedyWorldNet Network
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Comedy World Network

Black Books

0036 Comedy World Network Jan 19 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Hilarious sitcom based in the world's unfriendliest book shop Bernard is grumpy, very grumpy. He does not understand the ordinary world and has created his own safe haven within the grubby confines of the shop. Bernard loves his books and hates his customers – a combination unlikely to earn him a businessman of the year award but a one that leads to many hilarious encounters. In season one, we are introduced to Manny (Bill Bailey) who comes in and asks for The Little Book of Calm. Bernard and his equally apathetic friend, Fran (Tamsin Greig) who runs the shop next door, soon bring Manny into their lives, relying on him to wait on them hand and foot. Manny knows he is unappreciated, but somehow can't escape. Season one is a series of hilarious situations, from Bernard and Manny drinking their friends' expensive wines during a house-sitting session, to Fran's tragic love life; you'll be laughing from beginning to end.


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