by Bill Z on 4 August, 2009

Hello TikiWORLD,

   Well, my summer tour is wrapping up as the intern for Eyepartner which means I will no longer be a regular Co Host on Show by the Sea.  I will be reliquishing my seat to a very capable and very hard worker, Sven.  I would like to take this opportunity to wish him the best of luck.


  Last week I recieved a letter from a frequent viewer of the show Matt Casey.  The PDF he sent me was a very special gift, and it really put the whole summer in perspective.  I would like to share it with all of you:


Letter to Bill


  As I look back on the summer there are so many people who helped me accomplish everything I have done, and I could not have even imagined the goal line without their support.  First off I would like to thank by Co Host and boss Mr. Tim Green.  He was a great mentor for the summer and always made sure I gave forth my best effort.  I was also supported by a great staff in the Marathon office Mrs. Lorreta, Mr. Tom Zajac, and Mr Andrew Gregory.  I will miss all of them once I leave, but I am sure I will see them later.


  Also, there is of course the Development team and Support staff over at Eyepartner.   I have been to many places in this world including other countries such as Japan, but I have never seen so many brilliant minds and people who care so much about the quality of their work than I have seen at Eyepartner's Europe office.  The company could not function and would not function without their dedication to the growth of its ideas as a whole.


  And of course there are the TikiLIVE users.  You have all been an interesting group and have always been a pleasure to talk to.  I will definatly be stopping by the chat room every now and then to see how you are all doing.  Continue to be yourselves is all I ask of you.


Thank you for a great summer!

   Bill Z