by Tom Zajac on 2 March, 2010

Hello TikiLIVE,

You can now monetize your content on your own TikiLIVE network utilizing multiple revenue sources.  Please check out the following Cut-Sheet detailing just how easy one can make money with a TikiLIVE Solution:


1. Giving Premium Membership to your content

-Purchase bandwidth at wholesale rates and increase as your fan base grows.  The updated interface makes purchasing additional bandwidth as easy as turning on your computer so do not worry about exceeding allocated storage or traffic.


2. Integrated Advertising

-Ability to sell both video and pop-up ads that appear directly in your player.  With advanced analytics your sponsors will know who is viewing your content and where they are located.


3. Pay-Per-View Royalties

Allow your content providers to charge for their content saving a certain percentage of the profits for the network operator, you!  It is simple, a user will purchase a ticket to view a specific live or recorded event they share a specified portion of that ticket sale with you.


Please do not hesitate to contact a sales representative by letting us know just how we can help deliver your business solution:


Keep Streaming,