by TikiLIVE Sales Team on 14 April, 2010


Welcome to TikiLIVE! We are happy to see you using the product.

TikiLIVE subscription allows you to:
1. Broadcast a Channel in SD (Standard definition)or HQ (High Quality)
2. Custom Design your channel
3. Announce your channel on Twitter
4. Upload recorded content to be viewed when channel is offline
5. Upload Pictures
6. Announce to your followers upcoming events
7. HD Broadcasting – COMING THIS MONTH!

If you prefer to brand “your own” solution we offer TikiLIVE Platform as License. This allows you to customize your own broadcasting network business to fit your needs and stay ahead of the competition.

For more details on TikiLIVE License please go to or contact us at:

Keep on Streaming!
TikiLIVE Sales Staff

Corporate Office: (305) 289.4557
Contact: Tim Green
Skype: jamoncam
Yahoo: islandace2002