by TikiLIVE Team on 25 March, 2011

This feature allows producers to broadcast their Live Events and offer their VODs to iPhone/iPad, Android or BlackBerry users over 3G or WiFi internet connections. Your audience simply accesses your web application in the mobile Internet browser that has been optimized for small screens and is simple to use. They are able to browse your content, watch live events and on demand videos and share your content with family and friends.

The TikiLIVE broadcaster is based on a patent pending streaming technology, designed to broadcast Live Events and Video On Demand quickly and easily. Broadcasters download the application, connect a video and audio source to the PC and click “Start Broadcast”. Once the broadcasting starts, viewers may find the broadcast by navigating to a unique URL on their mobile device.

Once your broadcast starts, viewers may view it by navigating to your network URL on their computer, iPhone/iPad, Android or BlackBerry. Now, your audience will never miss a broadcast because they are on the move. The mobile device module also makes it easy for your audience to share your events and VODs with family and friends. To broadcast to mobile devices follow the same steps you would to broadcast normally.

Step 1
Install and open the Broadcaster on your computer.

Step 2
Login and select the channel, video source (It may be your webcam, video camera or capture card) and audio source.

Step 3
Start Broadcasting and begin recording if you want the event available as a VOD later.

To see a demo, check out this VIDEO. To purchase your own white-label TikiLIVE Broadcasting Network with the Mobile Device module, please Contact Us.